Month: April 2014

White concrete countertop

I´m proud to present our new product, White concrete.

White concrete brings a new possibilities to build concrete worktops. The white concrete mix is designed for pouring concrete countertops and it has special features helping you. It contains the Liqui Crete or as we call it, the special mix. This mix contains acrylic fibers that give more strength to the concrete. Extra additives force the air out of the wet concrete. This way you´ll get smooth edges easily and the concrete is easier to handle. I did write about the Liqui Crete mix in an earlier post, it really is a amazing product to use.

Our white concrete is designed and produced in the USA, and there is nothing similar in the market. The white mix is really easy to mix, use and trowel. The gravel in the mix is really small, so it makes the concrete mix more liquid. At the same time, you don´t have to use so much water as in regular concrete. I did count the price for a white countertop made with our products. If you compare this to a white stone countertop… concrete wins every time, even if you hire a professional to do the work for you. 

White concrete features,

  1. White fibre concrete with special mix
  2. Designed and manufactured to make concrete countertops
  3. For in and outside use
  4. Ready dry mix, add water and mix. Easy to use.
  5. Smooth edges with less work
  6. Enables concrete staining to a whole new level. Colors will come more alive with white concrete.

 Example of a three meter white concrete countertop, depth 60cm.

Product list:


White concrete will be available from the first week of May. It is available for orders now! We will make some samples when it is here, so stay tuned:)



More curves for concrete countertop.

New edge form coming soon to our stock. The Ogee from is the latest innovation of our product catalog. It works the same as our other cast in place concrete molds, but with a Ogee look edge form. If you google Ogee, you´ll learn why it is called that:)  It has got some great reviews in the US site already!

Edge form will be in our stock first week of May. Available with two different package sizes, small and large.





Concrete countertop, undermount sink installation

I started to think different sink installations when I visited the kitchen fair in England. Threre were a lot of  sinks made from composite and looked like concrete.This is not a new thing, I know. But I realized that one of our products may not be that familiar to everybody, the sink form. With this product you can undermount basically any kind of sink you want, composite to steel.

The big benefit with it, is that you can save a lot of money because any cheap sink will do (ikea á 29€) and you´ll get the smooth,  concrete countertop as a one perfect surface. So the sink will not be on display, it will be hidden and you see it only when you are in front of it. This is what I mean.


Kitchen sink can also be installed in the “normal” way. When you are installing the Z Counteform molds and forms you can make the sink hole edges from the back forms of the form package. When the concrete has dried and you have finalized it with a sealer, the sink can be put in place.  If you do the sink installation this way, remember to check that the sink overflow tube has enough space to be installed! This is not a problem when you undermount your sink. 

In my opinion, the undermount sink looks much better. Smooth, perfect and consistent concrete worktop with one extra mold. The installation part is really easy, see how it is done from our video.  More detailed info you´ll find from our website.

It is possible to make your own concrete sink, but it will take a lot of your time and you need to buy some special tools for it. So with a concrete worktop and  composite / steel kitchen sink you´ll have really nice combination to your kitchen.