Month: May 2014

Lamp and a flowerpot

In my previous blog I proudly presented our new white concrete mix. When the idea came to get white conrete, we also started to search ways how anyone could easily to do different things from it. I found a great site where guys show how you can do design lamps from concrete with plastic bottles. As they say in their blog, normally design lamps cost a fortune but you can do 10 to 15 lamps from one bag of concrete. 

Of course I had to try this and also took it little bit further. Same idea, but I multiplied the size to make a flowerpot from two buckets. I did try both of these and they were really easy to make. Now when the white concrete is in our stock, I´ll do both again and put some pictures here so you´ll see the result and possibly get some tips so you can do them your self.

If you want to see the video, here is the link to it.

This is really a perfect example that anyone can do anything from concrete. Easy, fun and simple:) 
Please, put the computer down and do some craftsmanship:)