DIY- how to color concrete using dye and pigment

We are receiving frequently questions how to color conrete. You´ll find two easy ways to color concrete.

You can use Z Counterform Aqua Tint dye concrete after it has been poured or pigment when the concrete is mixed. Before using either way, test the products by doing small pours of concrete.

Using concrete dye when the concrete has been poured.

Our Z Aqua Tint dye offers 16 different colors, they can also be mixed together to get the color wanted.

To apply the color you need these tools: nap roller (10-15cm), paint bucket, clean towel, water in a bucket and rubber gloves. Rubber gloves are handy because the color will stick to your fingers without them.

In the picture below (left lower corner), concrete has dyed like this:

  1.  I dilluted the Z Aqua Tint with water by 50/50 mix ratio to get more lighter color.
  2. I sanded the surface with 220 grid sandpaper and cleaned the surface with a clean towel
  3. Poured the mixed color to the paint bucket and started to apply the color to the surface
  4. Almost immediately wiped the color off with a towel. This way it was easy to control the color on the surface. I did not want it to be too dark. This can be repeated multiple times to get the wanted color.

It really is this easy to dye your concrete project. If there is too much color on the surface, just take a towel and wipe it off. And if there is not enough color, add as many layers you want to get the perfect look. Colors will dry really fast, so it is not a long process.

When the dye has been dried the surface needs to be sealed with a sealer. There are multiple sealer choices, you´ll find them from our webshop.

Here is a instructional video how to use Z Counterform Aqua Tint colors.


How to use color concrete with pigments

With pigment it is important to find the right mixing ratio to find the right color. It is really important to do couple test pieces first. I usually use plastic boxes where I do the test pieces, easy and quick. No need to do big test pieces, small ones work as good.

This is the equipment you need to measure the right amount of concrete, pigment and water:

  • Digital scale (I found mine for 15,90€ and works perfectly)
  • A cup with DL (deciliter) scale

All of the three components need to be in the same scale, concrete, pigment and water. So they need to be measured with each concrete bag.

Here are instructions how to use pigment with concrete. From the pictures you´ll see how many percent it has pigment in the mix. White concrete is easier to dye with pigment, because it is white:) dyes easier and with a more level and even color. Our product line has the only white concrete in the market, so you´ll get everything from one place.


Instructions how to mix pigment to concrete

Instructions how to mix pigment to concrete

PIgment and color mixed to concrete

Pigment and color mixed to concrete

When testing the correct mixing ratios, remember to do the test pieces in the same place as the actual concrete. Different temperatures will effect to the pigment as well.


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