Concrete countertops- why concrete is such a good product ?

Every homeowner wants to put his or her own personal stamp on a piece of property. Because it is so durable, cost-effective and customizable, many people turn to concrete for such projects. One of the most interesting ways to create a custom look in your home is with concrete countertop forms. Here are a few places in which to do it.

Kitchens: If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen and want to do it in a fun and interesting way, concrete has many benefits to offer. Concrete countertops can be as unique as you want or need them to be. This includes width, height and length to fit areas that are either larger or smaller than the average counter.
Of course, once you determine the right size of countertop you need for a kitchen, it is important to incorporate the right form for the edges. Do you prefer a sleek modern style with sharp edges? In that case, use a square edge form to create perfect 90-degree angles. If you want a more traditional or upscale look, try a fancy radius or ogee edge. And of course, if you prefer an edge like no other, you can create your own design with a bendable square form.

Outdoor Areas: Many people have built outdoor kitchens to accompany patios and pool areas. This is a great place to incorporate concrete because it is durable and easy to clean. With the right stain and coatings, your concrete countertops will stand up to the weather each year and you can maintain them easily after each use.
Of course, many people may look to put more creativity into an outdoor space than a traditional kitchen. For this reason, it is common to create custom concrete countertops in S-shapes or other organic designs that are impossible with other materials. You can create a custom form to meet your design, or choose a bendable form to add a little flare.


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