How to do protective treatment to a concrete countertop

We get a lot of questions about how to do a protective treatment for concrete. Concrete is a porous material so the surface must be treated with a sealer. Our sealers will protect your concrete countertop from any food product. Here is information on what kind of options you have to seal your countertop.

In this blog post we write about our most sold concrete sealer. Here is a link to our website where you can find all of our different sealer products.

Z SiAcryl 14, a water-based sealer for concrete countertops or any concrete product. This is also clearly the best-selling treatment agent in our product line. Siacryl can be applied with a nap roller or brush, 3 to 4 coats is enough. With one bottle (950ml) you can treat 20 square meters. SiAcryl can also be used outdoors, as it can handle winter temperatures. So it is the perfect material handling outdoor tables, summer kitchens or even to seal concrete flower pots. SiAcryl can be stored for a very long time even if the bottle has been opened. For several years, when storing it in a warm place and close the cap properly.

When sealing the concrete surface it is important to remember to spread the substance every time in two directions (eg,. East to west and from north to south)  to prevent the possible emergence of level lines. In this example, when we did a round concrete table.

Between every treatment layer you should open the concrete surface, gently sanding it by hand with sandpaper, it provides an excellent gripping surface to each layer.
For sealing your concrete countertop or worktop you need only few easy to use tools: short-haired mohair naproller (10-15cm long), roller shaft, paint tray, and the for the details a paint brush (eg. 50mm wide). It really is that easy to seal your concrete countertop, after the treatment you have a carefree countertop.

Here is a test video of of the product,  to a concrete countertop will be put a variety of foods, and left in the hot sun to dry. See how easy it is to keep the concrete clean.

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