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How to make a concrete countertop – The concrete Tools

One of the most important things to remember when doing your concrete countertop… are the Tools you are using. My favorite tool is the Magnesium float. The thing is, the magnesium float does not close the countertop surface when you trowel the surface while the concrete is still wet. This is important, because when the surface is still open, air gets our of the concrete mix and air is the reason why there are holes in the edges of the countertop. Also when the air is removed all over the countertop, it get´s more durable.

If you use normal steel trowel, it closes the surface immediately and the air stays in. The magnesium float costs 35€, so it is not a really big investment. It really helps you to get a better result with less work.  You should trowel the surface with the magnesium float until it gets hard and then use the steal trowel to finish the concrete countertop. Our Steel trowel and other tools are made to handle concrete. The perfect surface for concrete worktop can be made with our tools, there is no need to use machines to get the perfect surface.